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Hi there!

I am Haorui Li, an undergraduate in Chien-Shiung Wu College(Honors) of Southeast University, majors in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence).

Effectively optimizing daily routine has mesmeric charm for me. In University I have strong interest in optimizing algorithms, including but not limited to pattern recognition, high-performance computing and deep learning and I love applying algorithms for real-life issues. Thanks to my college’s flexibly training program, I can study more courses about mathematical statistics and optimization compared with traditional programmers.

Currently immersing myself in HPC and Deep Learning.

In extra-curricular time, I am interested in skills of improving community’s physical and mental health. I joined in school’s Mental Health club and First-Aid club and used to be in charge of departments.

Academic Background

  • 2018 - 2022
    1. College: Chien-Shiung Wu College(Honors), Southeast University, China
    2. Degree: Department of Computer Science and Technology, BEng in Computer Science(Artificial Intelligence)
    3. Major courses getting A/A+ grade:
    4. Database(Get Course Award*)
    5. Data Structure
    6. Convex Optimization
    7. Game Theory
    8. Opsearch and Optimization
    9. Machine Learning
    10. Deep Learning
    11. Pattern Recognition
    12. Knowledge Graph
    13. Digital Picture Processing
    14. Computer Graphics
    15. Automatic Control Theory
    16. VR and data visualization
    17. Discrete Mathematics
    18. Programming Course Design
    19. Python
    20. Software Practice
    21. Digital Logic Circuit.
    22. Data Mining
    23. Human-Machine Interaction
    24. Natural Language Processing
    25. Knowledge Graph Course Desgin
  • 2015 - 2018
    1. Jiangsu Provincial Houji High School, Experimental Class in Science

Work Experience

(🔗Alibaba Cloud, Hangzhou China) Algorithm Engineer Intern, Machine Learning

Awards and Honors

In terms of life style, I prefer to switch back and forth between a period of intensive work and a period of efficient rest. I have also brought this working spirit into the competition and undergraduate scientific research training, and finally achieved some small achievements. I am very grateful to my teammates and teachers for their help and support.

You are able to find more information about the content of the competitions, the individual division of labor, and the code at “Project“.


2019-2020 University Presidential Scholarship
2019-2020 University Academic Competition Award
2018-2019 University Volunteer Model Award


Competitions' NameAwards/Ranks
🔗(May 2021) World Supercomputer Competition (ASC20-21)First prize/Top 15 globally
🔗(Apr. 2021) COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) - Problem CMeritorious Winner/Top 8% in all participants
🔗(Feb. 2021) IEEE CASS Student Design CompetitionFinalist of World Final/Winner of Region 10 (Asia, Australia, Pacific)
🔗(Apr. 2020) COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) - Problem BMeritorious Winner/Top 8% in all participants
🔗(Oct. 2020) China Computer Design Competition for College Students(4C) - Big Data (Team Leader )Second prize/-
🔗(Nov. 2020) Pearl River Delta College Student Computer Production Competition (Team Leader )First prize/Top 8 in all participants
🔗(Jul. 2020) National College Student Financial Trading ChallengeFirst prize/Top 10% in finalists
(May 2020) Computer Design Competition for College Students in Jiangsu - Big Data (Team Leader )Outstanding prize/Top 2 in province
(Sep. 2020) Mathematical Contest in Modeling for College Students in Jiangsu - Problem BThird prize
(Feb. 2020) Espressif-Southeast University IOT ComputationTop 9 in all participants



Thanks to the school to provide college students’ scientific research innovation training program, I honor to be the team leader in the sophomore year, our main research direction is based on the deep learning video prediction method to predict the future rainfall.

Our porject promot a novel model based on Multimodality Fusion Technology(MFT) and a novel method to enhance the predictation image resolution. This project finally ranks top 10% in University.

Thanks very much for professor Dan Niu’s support and my team members’ efforts.

  • National-level(A+) Research Training Project: Deep Learning Based Weather Forecast(2019-2021)

    1. School-level and National-level research training project. Final grade: A (Top 10% in University)
    1. Southeast University “2020 My Favorite Research Training Project Award” (Top 20 in University)

    2. Won 1 first prize and 1 second prize in national competitions, 1 outstanding prize in provincial competitions.

    3. 3 applications for software copyright, 2 applications of patent.

    4. (Sep. 2020, For competition)《Weathering With You——Radar echo rainstorm warning system based on deep learning》

      Key words: Big-data, Computer Vision, Video Prediction

Competitions’ Project

🔗(May 2021) World Undergraduate Supercomputer Competition (ASC20-21)

Keywords: NLP, Parallel Computing, CPP Quantum Computing Simulation, Linux Environment Operation and Maintenance

Responsible for 🔗LE Challenge and QuES Challenge, Linux Environment (3 nodes with 6 GPUs) Maintenance。

LE Challenge: Deep learning based cloze test. Deep learning based QA test.

QuEST Challenge: Accelerate quantum simulation programs in parallel computing.

🔗(Mar. 2021) IEEE CASS Student Design Competition

Keywords: Unity3D

Responsible for report writing and Unity3D vedio

🔗(Apr. 2020) COMAP’s Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) - Problem B

Keywords: NLP、Data Analysis

Responsible for data cleaning, text emotion recognition and keyword extraction.

🔗(Sep. 2020) Mathematical Contest in Modeling for College Students in Jiangsu - Problem B

Keywords: Game Theory, DP

Responsible for DP programming.

(Feb. 2020) Espressif-Southeast University IOT Computation

Keywords: COVID-19, IOT

Personally undertook all the work. Built Healthy Code Tracer with Espressif ESP32 components, and realized the uploading of QR Code + temperature gun + GPS information to cloud records at the same time, providing a solution for the operation of public transportation under COVID-19.

Course Projects

(Apr. 2020) Face recognition and face authentication system for classmates based on deep learning

Keywords: CV, Face recognition, Digital Image Processing, Small Samples

Personally undertook all the work. Based on transfer learning and ResNet, we improve the network bulk structure to realize face recognition and authentication for 104 students ($\times$5 unwashed photos).Finally, face recognition with an accuracy of 82.69% and face authentication with an accuracy of 87.5% can be completed within 48 seconds.

(Dec. 2020) Pattern Recognition :HMM、Perceptron、KNN

Keywords: Pattern Recognition

Personally undertook all the work. Use Python to write HMM, Perceptron and KNN algorithms without using third-party libraries and complete the tests.

(Oct. 2019) Programming Course Design: Delivery system based on MFC and Dijkstra

Keywords: Dijkstra

Team leader, responsible for Client UI andDijkstra algorithm.

Community Projects

(2019 - Now ) University’s I-Baby - Campus information auto-collection and auto-reply Bot on QQ

Keywords: NLP, Linux Environment

I-Baby is a free QQ information collection and reply robot developed by the Southeast University Zhisan-Xiaobao Club for students in extra-curricular time, hoping it can make everyone’s life in SEU simpler!

Up to now, I-Baby has been in normal operation for 4 years, serving more than 200 group chats and 5000 friends simultaneously. Its main functions include campus information collection and query, group chat management, etc.

You can find more of my projects here, including LaTeX templates, course note sharing, and small projects:Github Badge


The blog records my learning experience, reading notes and some random thoughts. So far, it has been read by more than 80K pageviewsBlog Badge

Social Work

Social Practice

2020 Summer: Research on college student’s mental state with on-line learning and their efficiency under COVID-19

Keywords: COVID-19, Data Analysis, Psychology

Research students’ mental state with questionnaire investigation. Comprehensively use various data analysis method for student life, psychological state and the relationship between the on-line learning classroom efficiency at home. Find whether online learning is gender inequality, family conditions inequality, and look for possible solutions to increase learning efficiency.

Data analysis group leader, perform various hypothesis test and look for relationships between different dimensionalities.

  • *Win the first prize in summer social practice of Southeast University
  • *Excellent individual in social practice

2019 Summer: Research on Nanjing Scenic Park’s Accessibility Facilities

Keywords: Accessibility Facilities

Research on current situation of XuanWu Lake Park(5A grade scenic park) of cccessibility facilities and possible optimization methods. Finally made an accessibility environment map. Provide a proposal of guide facility and potential dangers such as slopes and stairs.

Student Club

The experience in student work makes me understand that there is a fresh life outside the code, and the final form of life is often a kind of Nash equilibrium solution of the community rather than the global optimal solution of the individual. This experience also makes me fall in love with making friends. Feel free to contact me!

  1. *Student union in college: (2020-2021) Department director\Department of Mental Health

  2. 💞We focus on imporving college student’s mental health by holding professional psychological counseling and small community’s activities.

  3. *University Students’ Association Union: (2020-2021) Department director\Student red cross society’s First-Aid department

  4. 🏥We focus on First-Aid skills in real life. We provide first-aid in sports meets and hold first aid tranning.

  5. *Students’ Association Union: (2019-Now) Project Manager\I-Baby Department of Dongda Xiaobao

  6. 🤖We focues on making University student’s daily life more easier by using technical means such as an auto-reply robot.

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